One-on-one SaaS Solutions
for Non-Technical Founders

Building a software startup is hard. Building a software startup without engineers is even harder. I'm here to help.

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"It's very hard to have a company with no technical founders. It's not impossible, but it's a significant headwind."
- Sam Altman, Y Combinator, OpenAI

Don't let a lack of technical resources stop you from beginning your startup journey. I offer one-on-one SaaS consulting services to help bring your digital product ideas to life. To save time, money and resources I've developed a turnkey SaaS starter kit that accelerates your product's delivery by including:

Consulting & Contracting Services

Additional consulting and contracting services include:

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    Full-Stack Software Development
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    System Architecture Design
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    Technical Candidate Vetting
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    Technical Vendor Analysis
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    Product Design Sprints
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    Product Validation
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    Product Roadmapping
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    Product Marketing

Hi, I'm Justin

I'm a Product focused technology leader with over 20 years of software development and product management experience. Throughout my career, I've served as a solo-engineer at a bootstrapped startup, engineering lead at a publicly traded company, CTO at a venture-backed startup and everything in between. While I haven't seen it all, I've seen a lot, and I would love to share my experience with you to help guide you along your startup journey.